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oval 2 in 1 Family toilet seat

UF and PP toilet seat cover is our main product. We are also support customized toilet seat covers and toilet hinges. Tianyun determined to be the top one in both product quality and service by always developing independent innovation capacity. After several years of accumulation of experience, we have a qualified and professional R&D team who has mastered the world-level technology of toilet seats and has obtained more than 10 patented technologies. Our products are sold to markets as for as South and East Asia, Europe, the USA, South America, Middle East and some other countries and regions.

Products Advantages

Our oval toilet seat cover is designed to meet the developmental needs of children aged 3 to 8 years, so you don't need to buy an extra child toilet seat to teach your child how to use the toilet and avoid the safety risks associated with using an adult toilet seat.


In addition to the normal family toilet seat, there is a child's seat that is attached to the lid by a magnet when not in use. You can also easily remove the child seat when your child grows up and does not need to use the child seat.


It's also a quite close toilet seat. Humanized design, with slow lowering and soft-close function. No annoying noise when closing. For cleaning, the seat can be removed at the touch of a button without loosening the fastening.